Game Heads - Card Game "Queer Allyship"


What is Allyship? How do you behave as a 'good' ally to the queer community? If you're stuck on the topic of queerness and don't dare to ask these questions, then QUEER ALLYSHIP is just the right game for you!

The aim of the game is to fight insensitive trolls and, as Ally, support the queer community in a variety of ways. Each card addresses an important aspect of being an Ally. You practice retorting insensitive statements from trolls or admitting your own mistakes, learn new things about the queer community and reflect on your own privileges. The game invites discussion and reflection, but is also a lot of fun. For example, when everyone has to smash the patriarchy very quickly!

Trigger warning: This game addresses anti-queer statements.

The game consists of 51 playing cards and 6 explanation cards. The cards are packaged plastic-free in a cardboard box.

– 51 playing cards and 6 explanation cards
– Age: 12+ years
– Number of players: 2-5
– Packed plastic-free in a cardboard box
- Made in Austria

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