Postcard bar / oak (various formats)

These wonderful postcard bars made of oak are not only beautiful to look at and handmade in Germany, but also super practical. A cutout at the top can hold postcards, photos, name tags, business cards and much more. Your favorite typealive postcard is beautifully presented in 1-2-3. Yay!

Tip: Combine different postcard strips to create a unique ensemble for your wall. Wow!

Here's how it works: Attach two small power strips to the back of the postcard bar. If necessary, shorten power strips that are too long with scissors. Then press it against the wall for about 30 seconds, ... and you're done. Quick to apply and removable without leaving any residue. Place your favorite cards (or photos or whatever) in the pre-made groove and enjoy. Easy!

For one (21 cm width) or two postcards (30 cm width). H 2.5 x D 1.5 cm.

Manufacturing and material
Oak, untreated. Handcrafted in Germany. With two power strips (white) for easy installation without a drill or hammer. Can be removed without leaving any residue. Strong hold on almost all surfaces.

Be careful
The colors may vary slightly from the original colors depending on your monitor settings. The print shown is of course only a serving suggestion and will therefore remain with us. Nails or screws are not included.

Shipping method
Our postcard bars are made for you with a lot of love and then sent with great care in a cardboard envelope and delivered within 3 to 5 working days.

Shipping faster

Always included: Packed with great care and even more love.

Produced in Germany & Europe

Often regional and handmade. Always sustainable. Feel the Love!

You can't buy happiness

Nice things from typealive though. Unsatisfied? Cash back! Hand on it.