Pin / Good Speedometer

Our great pins give you access to previously closed doors: career, money, high snobbery are now within reach.

Pins from typealive are made of brass, embossed, gold plated and are fixed with a butterfly clasp with a protective cap. WOW! The protective cap prevents you from getting pricked. The manufacturing process makes each pin a unique piece.

Sounds pretty good? It gets even better. The pin comes with a matching card. The card is punched and holds the pin in place. This will make your hearts fly to you. Promised!

Pin = Ø approx. 15 mm
Card = DIN A7, 2 pages, the back is blank.

The pin is made of brass, gold plated and is held in place by a butterfly clasp with a protective cap.

Print and paper
Four-color offset printing on natural paper (400 gr/m²). The back is unprinted. Designed with love and produced locally.

Be careful
The colors may vary slightly from the original colors depending on your monitor settings.

Over time, precious metals acquire a patina and darken. To refresh the shine, simply polish the jewelry with a metal or silver cleaning cloth. Regular care can significantly extend its lifespan. If the piece of jewelry has not been cleaned for a long time, the patina may rub off. Now you're thinking: "WTF!" But hey, it's not harmful and can simply be washed off.

Shipping method
Our pins are handcrafted with a lot of pleasure, packaged with love, shipped in a cardboard envelope and delivered within 3 to 5 business days.

Shipping faster

Always included: Packed with great care and even more love.

Produced in Germany & Europe

Often regional and handmade. Always sustainable. Feel the Love!

You can't buy happiness

Nice things from typealive though. Unsatisfied? Cash back! Hand on it.