not the girl who misses much - candle "Sea"

Are you at a loss for words? This candle does that for you!

The beautiful and handmade candles from not the girl who misses much are hand-colored for you in Hamburg with the greatest care and even more love. Every (and we mean it), every candle is unique and one-of-a-kind. Just like you. Uuuuuhh!

Unless you have a twin. Then not. Ooooohh!

– H 230 x ø 2.2 cm
– non-drip, vegan, fair trade, paraffin-free
– 8 to 9 hours burn time
– Pure cotton wick, ecological dyes, 100% stearin wax
– Colors may vary from the original colors depending on your monitor
– Made in Hamburg

Warning (!)
– Never leave a burning candle unattended
– keep away from children and pets and zeppelins
– keep away from flammable objects (yes, including gasoline)
– use a heat-resistant candle holder or live with the consequences

Shipping faster

Always included: Packed with great care and even more love.

Produced in Germany & Europe

Often regional and handmade. Always sustainable. Feel the Love!

You can't buy happiness

Nice things from typealive though. Unsatisfied? Cash back! Hand on it.