Knalle - Popcorn "White Chocolate Salted Pretzel"

Forget everything, absolutely everything (!) that you have ever known as popcorn. The Knalle popcorn bakery from Berlin takes popping corn to a whole new level. Koslowski and bangs. It just matches. We swipe right. Seriously: THE best popcorn you can get in Münster. Try it and rest in peace. And if that's not enough: climate-neutral, hand-popped, social and fair.

Southern Germany, France and Berlin, worlds of taste come together here. Our freshly hot-air popped corn kernels deserve a very special treatment: They are baked with white chocolate and refined into whole mini salted pretzels. The little lye miracles are not only sweet to look at, but can also be bathed in a cinnamon-sugar mixture before they are caramelized and baked to refine our popcorn.

– handmade, climate neutral, social and fair
– may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and gluten
– free from genetic engineering and non-GMO certified

Shipping faster

Always included: Packed with great care and even more love.

Produced in Germany & Europe

Often regional and handmade. Always sustainable. Feel the Love!

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