BLÆK Coffee - Instant Coffee No. 3 "To-Go Box / Mexico, Peru and Honduras"


Do you love good coffee but don't always have the time or equipment to make it? At home, in the mountains or in the office? BLÆK makes delicious coffee available anywhere and everywhere you want. All you need is some water and a cup. That's it!

The coffee no. 3 Premium Instant Coffee is an intense blend with notes of cocoa and dates. The coffee is strongly roasted and contains particularly little acid. Its taste is reminiscent of classic espresso, but without the smoky and bitter aftertaste. The coffee beans are grown under fair trade and organic standards in Mexico, Peru and Honduras and offer a delicious coffee experience. The classic flavor profile makes the coffee one of the most popular in the range and tastes great with milk or oat milk foam!

Depending on your preference, you can vary the amount of water and coffee powder to make your coffee stronger or milder. Don’t forget to pay attention to the right temperature. BLÆK tastes best at a water temperature of around 70°C. At this temperature you can fully enjoy the many fine aromas of the coffee. If you cannot set your kettle to the right temperature, we advise you to add a sip of cold water to the boiling water or let the kettle cool down for 1-2 minutes.

BLÆK not only tastes delicious, but is also good for the environment.
Along our entire value chain, we try to minimize our impact on the environment and are constantly moving towards greater sustainability and social responsibility.

– 7 bags of 3 grams each per box (for 170 - 230 ml of water per cup)
– Coffee origin: Mexico, Peru and Honduras
- Made in Germany

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