Pops - Popcorn "Earl Gray Lime"

Forget everything, absolutely everything (!) that you have ever known as popcorn. The Knalle popcorn bakery from Berlin takes popping corn to a whole new level. Koslowski and bangs. It just matches. We swipe right. Seriously: THE best popcorn you can get in Münster. Try it and rest in peace. And if that's not enough: climate-neutral, hand-popped, social and fair.

Like a vacation in the south! Our seasonal creation, Earl Gray Lime, delivers with its tangy flavors just the refreshment you deserve on the hottest days of the year. You can expect an invigorating, harmonious sweetness, combined with a full load of citrus from notes of bergamot and lime. The finest Indian black tea gives the creation a pleasantly mild balance.

Goes perfectly with homemade iced tea, a cold gin-based drink and warm summer nights. Of course vegan!

– handmade, climate neutral, social and fair
– may contain traces of nuts, peanuts and gluten
– free from genetic engineering and non-GMO certified

Shipping faster

Always included: Packed with great care and even more love.

Produced in Germany & Europe

Often regional and handmade. Always sustainable. Feel the Love!

You can't buy happiness

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