Elate and Co. - “Herb Garden” travel candle

The "Herb Garden" scented candle combines the aromas of the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast in a modern classic. With carefully selected ingredients and environmentally friendly production, it offers you an exceptional fragrance experience.

The top notes of this unique candle present the refreshing scent of freshly grated tomato leaves, followed by the invigorating essence of Sicilian lemon trees and sun-ripened oranges. A touch of freshly crushed oregano adds a savory note to the bouquet.

The scent of aromatic woods unfolds in the base notes, giving this candle its characterful depth. We use the latest generation of wicks to ensure a perfect and powerful scent is released.

FYI: Elate and Co.'s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its use of 100% non-GMO and sustainable European rapeseed wax. The wax guarantees a long burning time of 15-18 hours.

– 15-18 hours burn time
– vegan, made from rapeseed wax, free of herbicides and pesticides
– Made in Netherlands

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Produced in Germany & Europe

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